Review: Zombie Ass


Producing a review for this movie seems like something director Noboru Iguchi would possibly just laugh at. ‘Zombie Ass’ or to use its full title ‘Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead’ clearly wasn’t made for commercial success, so much as it was possibly made just to see either, how much shit (ignore the pun) horror fans will actually be willing to watch, or simply how dedicated his fan-base is. Either way his joke backfires (ha! Another pun, and I’m not even trying) as Zombie Ass is actually an amazingly amusing film.

Puerile drivel as it is, the concept of ‘Zombie Ass’ is possibly one of his most refreshingly simple plots for a while. Thankfully ‘Zombie Ass’s plot is very, well normal. Simply put, and it is better to keep things simple in this regard, a group of youths travel to a remote area become infected with an unusual tapeworm which takes over the mind turning the areas inhabitants, and the infected members of the group, into good old fashioned zombies. Where does the ‘ass’ part come in? Well there is only two ways for the tapeworm to see what’s going on, and I guess the (*) is the easiest way of showing them without the actors choking. Considering the plot, the actors do quite a good job. As you would expect, all the stereo types are there and the dialogue, is passable, but predictably cheesy.

Naturally there is nothing too challenging, and there is certainly no political satire or science fiction satire to contend with, in fact, stupid title aside you could be convinced that this movie was little more than a straight down the line zombie splatter-fest. Personally, I feel that is worthy of merit, owing to the directors tendency to really really go off on one!

Worth mentioning too is the gore. After sitting through the god awful ‘Robogeisha’ I feared that Iguchi had given up on physical effects, relying more so on his horrible low resolution renderings of people that turn into tanks, and castles that turn into robots, than just the good old fashion splatter of ‘Machine Girl’. The movie is pebble dashed with some of the best gore effects I have watched this year, and whilst you might fear it is all just shit and ass shots(or maybe you hoped that is all it would be) there is a good variety of deaths, including some fairly out of the box methods as the tapeworms become ‘supercharged’ towards the end of the film. The creature effects are pretty cool too, and as I said, whilst there are some computer generated effects, many of the prosthetics look refreshingly old school, and all the better for it.

Overall, you are only considering this movie if you are a fan of this niche Asian genre. I don’t doubt you are only reading this to find out if this movie is as shit as some of the more recent ones have been. Let’s be honest, no one wants to sit through another 2 hour ‘Hell Driver’ experience or put up with the crappy acting of ‘Frankenstein girl vs Vampire Girl’. Well, despite the fact that this movie seems quite difficult to get with English subs, it is actually one of the better, and if you can convince any of your mates to sit down to watch it with you, it’s actually worth a watch!

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