Review: Zombie Creeping Flesh


Dodgy title, dodgy film. Another 1980s zombie film which disregards all the foundations laid down in ‘Zombi’ or the ‘Living Dead series’ and goes straight for the Italian speciality; gore.

The plot, whilst confused, is something to do with zombies created from an accident at a chemical facility. The main characters, a group of marines, who to be honest look like the remnants of the village people police, are on a mission through the jungle meet up with the remainder of a pair of journalists whose party were attacked by zombies. Basically as they progress through the jungle the encounter cannibals, who, by refusing to burn their dead end up adding to the ranks of the zombie horde, which the marines must dispatch if they are to survive.

Basically the stories a load of bollocks and, unlike other odd zombie films, nothing new or original is added. In fact the film is about as generic as it gets. It does move slightly into the cannibal genre, but again nothing new their either.

That isn’t to say the films shit, just that people watching should not be under any misconceptions that they will find a hidden classic in this film, when to be honest it reminds me as a clone of Fulci’s ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters 2’ which didn’t really do it for me either.

This, like ‘Zombi 3’ is more of an action zombie movie that of the slow terror of some others in the genre and at times it gets a bit silly with all the running about and shooting of fake guns. The inconsistencies throughout are a victim of this system, how can they run around the zombies (and at times, through the horde!) on occasions and at others get captures and killed by them.

Still, dodgy is what you expect and dodgy is what you get.

So whilst everything about this film is so average, is there any part of it which gives credit to the films cult hype.

Well, the gore is good and there is plenty of it. There’s not a single amazing scene, at least none that I remember, but throughout the film there are high levels of on screen gore, plenty of flesh munching and tearing, all the blood soaked wounds you would expect from a zombie movie. The zombies however don’t look so good. I admit there are worse, but aside from a few which are wearing some ‘flesh wound’ make up most of the zombies are simple just wearing rather dodgy green body paint.

Overall ‘Zombie Creeping Flesh’ is one of those movies which are so typical of the genre that watching it now, after years of watching such, was a little lack lustre in its delivery. Sure it is gory, sure it is Italian but that’s about all its selling point. As I have said the gunplay reminds me of ‘Zombie 3’ and at times looks pretty amateur. Still, it’s entertaining enough and if you are just getting into the genre, then you could do much worse. This one sits right smack in the middle; it’s not as good as Fulci’s efforts but no where near as bad as many of the other efforts of the era. SO if you still are keen, make sure you have a handful of mates around, and twice as much beer!

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