It’s supposed to be a zombie film, it’s got a zombie on the box art and on the back cover. However ‘Zombie Holocaust’ has more cannibals and tits than zombies….and there’s not much of that either!

I love my cheesy 80’s films mainly the reason that drew me to this title even after its poor scores around the net, it definitely has the 80’s feel about it, the synthesizer is in full flow the attire is definitely 80’s and it does have that classic feel. Shame it’s a poor effort at a zombie movie.

The plot is just a mind fuck to begin with and I had to actually go online to read as to what was supposedly going on.

It all starts in New York where a hospital worker is found out to have been devouring the bodies in the morgue. Rather than explain himself he jumps out of the window in what can only be described as one of the worst plays on camera I have ever seen. You don’t even have to slow this down to see that its quite clearly a solid mannequin, not only that but on impact the mannequins arm breaks off. If you haven’t got the budget to play with use a cut away don’t try and take my pants down and be so obvious about it! It turns out he was from an island where cannibalism is the favourite pastime. Just happens to be an island where one of the other doctors ‘Lori’was born. They lead an expedition to the island to investigate further and liaise with ‘Doctor Obrero’.

Eventually it turns out the island is full of cannibals and zombies (although as stated earlier maybe 5% zombies?).  Dr. Obrero is experimenting on dead bodies trying to put living brains in them and in effect reanimating them. God I actually feel like I’m dribbling along through this review and this is exactly what the film is. Utter dribble. I’d rather watch a dog lick its own arsehole for 80 minutes than watch this film again.  Oh and I forgot to mention that ‘Lori’ who was born there was accepted as the queen of the cannibals and then sends them off to fight against Doctor Obrero and his zombies. What the actual fuck? At what point did Fabrizio De Angelis not think he was taking the piss? How can a man produce something like ‘Zombi 2’ and then this?

In all honesty this film is an utter cash in. If you read about it anywhere its clear to see Fabrizio was riding on the horse of ‘Zombi 2’ and ‘Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals’ and decided to churn this out. Some of the footage is the same as in ‘Zombi 2,’ the locations, two of the actors are in both, the climax location, the actual start of the films play the same and there’s probably more shortcuts that I’m unaware of.

I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed this film. I kept waiting and waiting for some real zombie action and when the titles rolled I genuinely felt robbed. Just because you can use shortcuts and bang a zombie on the box art does not make it a zombie film. Yes ‘Lori’ has a fantastic body and gets both tits and muff out multiple times but really if that’s all Fabrizio has to offer me then I’m not interested.

Its only saviour that doesn’t make this worthy of a zero are the few gore scenes it has. They are pretty savage and the effects have the 80’s feel which is nice. One scene that stands out is where our team is ambushed by the cannibals and one of the unlucky ones is stabbed and has his eyes gouged out for a little cannibal snack! Nice!  However these scenes soon die off and the dribble plot kicks in to full swing! Overall, this film is a mess, the plot gives you a headache, the characters aren’t likeable, the locations ok but nowhere near enough atmosphere used. Hardly any zombie footage….the list goes on. As you can tell cash in’s piss me off.

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