Review: Zombie Horde


'Zombie Horde' is the latest offering from 101 films, tearing through the blood and guts of the scene and staying as true as it can to a holy genre. It's an alternative title for Zombie Apocalypse : Redemption which is also a sequel of Zombie Apocalypse, which BTG haven't had a chance to watch yet.

Straight off the bat you can notice a handful of influences to Zombie Horde and I must say they are a really nice touch. The opening sequence screams of a typical 80's zombie film, and even has a Terminator-like synthesiser sound track and it's great!

Were in to the future and the Zombie's are running the world, humans are outnumbered 10,000 to 1.....not the best odds by any means, all that remains are a handful of survivors doing their best to defend against the blood thirsty undead.

'John Knox' is dumped in the middle of the desert to die, wondering for what feels like an eternity he is finally picked up by a group of scavengers, who bring him back to health and show him their effort of salvation. Camp leader is none other than Fred (Dusk til Dawn) Williamson, who goes by the name of Moses. After a few scavenge hunts with some of the other camp, a group of raiders assaults the base, killing who they want and taking the women and Moses prisoner. Knox and a couple of the camp who managed to avoid the assault make it their mission to get back their friends (and for Knox his love interest Sarah).

There's a definite 'Mad Max' theme running through the whole of Zombie Horde, from the attire of the raiders and camp members, to their 'scavenger' like demeanour. It's certainly had its influence at some point and it would be nice to have an interview with director Ryan Thompson to see what films were his inspiration and why.

The zombies themselves are really quite brutal, I also thought the fact that some are your typical Romero zombie, bumbling around with a slow determination and others are 'Runners' hunting in packs like wild animals. This made a nice change as the majority of the zombie genre is now filled with super human 'Usain Bolt' style zombies which never seem to fit. I particularly liked the scene where they are forced to bunker down whilst trying to get some supplies, the zombie death tally hits the sky in a matter of seconds!

Gore effects are dark when used, the zombies literally tear their victims to pieces and the action sequences are filled with a mix of CGI and bucket blood, there's plenty on screen for the average horror fan, although the majority does come in the latter half of the film.

Dialogue can be a little cheesy at times, whether this was on purpose or slightly hindered by its budget, for me is one of the few flaws of Zombie Horde.  

Overall Zombie Horde is a solid entry into the genre, given its strict budget there's more gore and story here than others alike with studio backings. With the various nod's to past films found in ZH, from the 80's pulsing soundtrack to the homage to 'real' zombies, its definitely worth 102 minutes of your time!

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