Review: Zombie Strippers


Silly sexy exploitative titles seem to be the order of the day with the commercial 'Lesbian Vampire Killers', 'Zombie Strippers' and 'Zombies Zombies Zombies: Zombies vs Strippers' all being released around the same time in the UK. With a title which is about as subtle as the movies intentions and a lead roll by porno legend Jenna Jameson, how bad could it really be? Well that was the question we posed when we played the disc. We were about to find out the hard way.

We certainly were not expecting the worlds most elaborate plot and the movie certainly didn't deliver one. It really is as simple as the title suggests. An owner of a sleazy club thinks it's all over when one of his best dancers is bitten by a zombie, however, the crowd respond completely the opposite. They love it. So each of the strippers become deliberately infected in a hope to become the 'super stripper zombie' as they all compete for floor space on the stage.

The movie doesn't take itself particularly seriously however very little of the humour is not effective. It isn't very witty, but instead relies heavily on pretty lame slapstick and terrible one liners which after a while become really quite irritating. The acting too isn't great. I mean naturally, that isn't something which came as too much of a shock, but still some of the waffling philosophising scenes did really drag contributing to the worst aspect of the movie: the pace.

This movie feels like you are watching it for an eternity. It goes on and on as the direction seems blissfully unaware that movies, good ones that is, tends to have some sort of structure. There are far to many filler scenes, and with a script which is below amateur, you will want to be ready with the fast-forward button on the remote for a good proportion of the movie.


If you are prepared to look past shit acting, shit script, zero plot and a pace which makes you feel as if you are dying in your seat, this movie does deliver some of what the title promises.

There is copious amounts of nudity in the film. Plenty of lap dances, pole dances and even one pretty grim face dance; some of the dialogue is delivered by the girls in all their frontal glory. The sexual exploits never get hardcore, but as all the women are pretty nice most of the dance scenes are pretty easy on the eyes.

Again if you can look past the pace this movie also packs in a good deal of gore. It doesn't feel like it at the time, owing to the eternity of dialogue in between, but to be fair the body count racks up as the film progresses. Most of the violence is pretty gruesome with some faces and body parts being ripped off. The prosthetic stuff looks pretty gross, but most of the gore is delivered by means of really really shitty CGI, which only serves to dampen the enjoyment of such scenes.

Overall 'Zombie Strippers' was a bit of a let down. It delivers some nice nudity and gore, but at such a terrible pace I do wonder if it was worth it. J summed it up: if you want gore, watch a gore movie, if its porn you are after, well, go see Jenna in some of her more famous rolls; 'I Love Lesbians 10' anyone? 'Zombie Strippers' is one of them movies which you will only see for the laugh, but in all honesty it just isn't that funny.

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