Review: Zombies Zombies Zombies


Well, it don't sound that good does it, but when the alternate title of 'Zombies versus Strippers' is used as a lure you can imagine why I couldn't resist. Well... I'm afraid satisfaction was not achieved in any sense of the word.

The plot, and believe me the term is a stretch, is as obvious as you might think, and, if you were unfortunate enough to see 'Zombie Strippers' you have pretty much seen the film already. 

When a drug is distributed which turns whores and go go girls into zombies (all 15 of them) a strip club becomes the refuge for those who survive the initial outbreak. The survivors, an irritating group of strippers and witless boyfriends have to find a solution to the problem or face being eaten.

As you can guess the story is plain shit and not at all inspiring. Its amazing the scope for these movies to become proper sleazy, but sadly they decide to go down the route of 'lets not take our self too seriously'. Arguably though, despite their best intentions, its not always apparent when the movie is trying to be campy or it is just a tender moment turned corny. The other technical aspects of the movie have received the same lack of thought. The script is unbearable, and despite the dialogue seldom lasting more than a couple of generic statements each line seemed to be delivered with an agonising amount of effort. The acting is complete shit, as you would expect from the girls involved, but when you couple this with the astonishing fact that there is not a single tit in sight, the lack of quality becomes nothing short of intolerable!

I will repeat this for the benefit still hung on the initial title, there is no nudity in this movie, just a bit of bra action! Shit or what...

With only the gore to save it I was wondering that after about 30 minutes if the next hour was going to be another one of those situations when time seemed to stand still.

As predictable as the outcome of the movie, the gore too is uninspiring. Credit to the movie, there is some, but I got to be honest some overly fake CGI gore was not really enough to compensate for the rest of the movies short comings. There's some dismemberment, some cheesy head shots and a little bit of flesh tearing, but it is scattered so infrequently throughout the run-time that it fails to make any impact at all. To add insult to injury the victims reactions are so false that any brutality or emotion is dissipated instantly.

Overall, I guess this movie was never destined to be a classic, but made 20 years ago and placed in the hands of one of Italy's sleeze-meisters this movie would at least be worth the laugh. Sadly in this case the laugh stops at the title. Rest assured, ignore my critique and watch this movie the laugh will be on you!

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