VHS LIVES A: Schlockumentary hits DVD and VOD at the end of May 2018!

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VHS LIVES A: Schlockumentary The latest VHS Documentary hits DVD and VOD at the end of May 2018! “VHS LIVES: A SCHLOCKUMENTARY   The new VHS documentary brought to you by Vestra Pictures Directed and Produced by Tony Newton Producer of “Grindsploitation 1, 2,3, 4, 5 and 666, ”, 60 Seconds to Die, “Virus of the Dead” and “Trashsplotation”.   Stars include Troma’s own Lloyd Kaufman, plus David DeCoteau, James Cullen Bressack, Jörg Buttgereit, Mark Polonia, Phil Anselmo, Tim Ritter, Dustin Ferguson, Billy “Bloody Bill” Pon, David “The Rock ” Nelson, Shawn Burkett and more!   This new VHS documentary […]

Call for Submissions for the Inaugural Steel City Underground Film Festival

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SODOM & CHIMERA PRODUCTIONSLAUNCHES STEEL CITY UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVALNOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR HORROR, ARTHOUSE & EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA Sodom & Chimera Productions, known for their experimental features and short films, is inviting likeminded filmmakers to Europe this September with the inception of the Steel City Underground Film Festival (SCUFF). A celebration of horror, arthouse, experimental and weird cinema, SCUFF is curated and hosted by Sodom & Chimera’s founder James Quinn (Flesh of the Void, Sulphur for Leviathan).     SCUFF is looking for productions ranging from surreal expressionist works to polished and cinematic horror thrillers, with special consideration for visually interesting, grotesque, […]

Arrow Video & FrightFest Sponsorship Deal

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Arrow Video & FrightFest Sponsorship Deal   Arrow Video and FrightFest have agreed a one-year partnership deal, which sees the leading UK independent film distributor become headline sponsor for the UK’s biggest and most popular genre film festival.   Mike Hewitt, Brand Marketing Manager for Arrow Video, said today: “As a long-time fan of FrightFest, Arrow Video are incredibly excited to be partnered with FrightFest for a year-long sponsorship.   The festival is without a doubt the UK’s premiere genre event and is a perfect match for our premiere genre label, especially since we have been recently expanding our output […]

‘Automata’ Set To Spring To Life After Record-Breaking Crowdfunder

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‘Automata’ Set To Spring To Life After Record-Breaking Crowdfunder   ‘Automata,’ the latest horror from Scottish genre house Hex Studios, has smashed its £80K ($108K) Kickstarter goal, with days left in the campaign. Horror fans from all over the world have rallied to support the Gothic chiller, earning the film a place in Kickstarter history as the UK’s most funded narrative film ever.   The film tells the story of antiques expert Brendan Cole who is sent to authenticate a 300-year-old clockwork doll with a notorious history, known as ‘The Infernal Princess’. In the remote Scottish mansion where it has […]


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FRACTURED VISIONS FILM FESTIVAL TAKES PLACE 29 AND 30 SEPTEMBER AT THE TRAMSHED CINEMA, CARDIFF (UK)   Fractured Visions Film Festival is headed up by filmmaker Phil Escott (Cruel Summer) and genre academic Dr. Mikel J. Koven (La Dolce Morte), and is a celebration of all things horror. The festival was designed to help spotlight both emerging talent within the horror genre and those who have helped build it. Over two days, Fractured Visions will be showing eight new feature films and two classics along with ten new short films. The goal is to source the best in today’s independent […]

Review: Your flesh, Your Curse

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Tweet ReviewWritten and directed by Kasper Juhl, Your flesh, Your Curse is a gritty, emotional film sitting firmly on the extreme side of horror and whilst it is sure to leave you feeling numb it’s a standout release. The film revolves around Juliet White (Marie-Louise Damgaard Nielsen), a young troubled girl whom has clearly had it rough. We are shown a conversation with her father indicating she was abused in the past – leading to a life fuelled by drugs, alcohol and prostitution. After a particularly heavy session Juliet overdoses in a secluded woodland spot, a random stranger passing by […]

Supernatural horror THE NURSERY premieres on VOD this June!

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DEATH ISN’T ALWAYS FINAL.THE NURSERY, ON VOD THIS JUNE FROM UNCORK’D ENTERTAINMENT   A babysitter is stalked by a frightening ominous presence in The Nursery, creaking its doors open this June from Uncork’d Entertainment. From filmmakers Christopher A. Micklos and Jay Sapiro comes the story of a young woman whose run-of-the-mill Saturday night quickly turns into a confrontation with unspeakable horror! When Ranae, a college student babysits for a family with a tragic history, she finds herself stalked by a sinister presence and haunted by ghosts from her own past. Soon, she and her friends must confront the angry, evil spirit hunting […]

MONOCHROME – the hunt is on this June

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Thomas Lawes’ Monochrome premieres on VOD and DVD this June from Gravitas Ventures. Featuring BAFTA winner James Cosmo (TV’s Game of Thrones, Braveheart), the killer-thriller focuses on a disillusioned young woman who becomes a serial killer targeting wealthy land-owners, forcing a brilliant detective to use his unusual neurological condition to track her down. Jo Woodcock (Dorian Gray), Singer songwriter Cosmo Jarvis, Patrice Naiambana (Highlander: The Source), Lee Boardman (Jack & The Giant Slayer), Steve Jackson (TV’s Coronation Street) and Liz May Brice (Alien vs. Predator) make up the ensemble cast. Genre specialist Devilworks was the sales agent on the title, releasing June […]


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One bad night – one bad decision – can haunt you forever.   Misfits and Mute star Robert Sheehan goes up against Jessica Jones and Doctor Who’s David Tennant, here on sensationally nasty form, in a white-knuckle home invasion thriller from the producers of Independence Day.   Key talent:David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Fright Night)Robert Sheehan (Fortitude, Misfits)Kerry Condon (Three Billboards, Better Call Saul)Carlito Olivero (Blood Heist)Brandon Boyce (Writer, Apt Pupil, Wicker Park)Dean Devlin (Director, Leverage, Geostorm; producer Independence Day)   Synopsis:Struggling photographer Sean Falco (Sheehan), who funds his lifestyle with a sideline in burglary, thinks he has hit the […]


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FIRST TRAILER AND POSTER FOR DEVILWORKS’ “CANARIES” DEBUTS AHEAD OF CANNES   Ahead of the Marche du Film in Cannes (8th-17th May 2018) Genre sales specialists Devilworks has revealed the first title in their Cannes lineup. UK sci fi horror comedy ‘Canaries’ from Welsh writer/director Peter Stray is about a group of friends at a New Year’s Eve bash in the Welsh Valley, who must fight against an invasion force of time travelling aliens. The film stars Robert Pugh (Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who, Master & Commander) and Hannah Daniel (Netflix’s Hinterland).