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Amnesia: Rebirth Gets Adventure Mode on Steam, GOG and Epic Store Today

The latest entry in the popular horror franchise Amnesia, receives a mode that lets you experience the game without the threat of monsters or darkness One of the top horror games launched in 2020, Amnesia: Rebirth, is now welcoming adventure fans to experience this unique game; safe from monsters, darkness,...


FORGET EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT VAMPIRES Synopsis: Welcome to Six Mile Hill, a sleepy Irish backwater whose only claim to fame is the somewhat dubious local legend that Bram Stoker once spent a night in the local pub. It’s home to Eugene Moffat, a young man who fills...

Signature Entertainment Release: ‘Forget Everything And Run (AKA F.E.A.R)’

Synopsis: The Walking Dead meets The Revenant in this mind blowing zombie horror. When aterrifying infection is released, one family will fight to save their children against a band of marauders,hellbent on revenge in the midst of a deadly apocalypse. Starring Jason Tobias, Marci Miller and Justin Dray. Directed by...

Signature Entertainment Release: ‘Initiation’

Synopsis: Sex, drugs and cyber-bullying collide in this edgy slasher about a cruel social media game that spins out of control. Initiation sees Whiton University unravel on the night a star-athlete is murdered in the wake of a buried assault allegation, kicking off a spree of social media-linked slayings. As a...

Signature Entertainment Release: ‘Safer At Home’

Synopsis: THE PANDEMIC RAGES ON…  PEOPLE HAVE CHANGED, FOR THE WORSE.  It has been 3 years since COVID-19 ravaged the world. In order to control mass panic and the virus in America, LA has become a police state. The message is “You are safer at home”. To escape reality, a group...

Murder – Madness – Mayhem! – Haunted House Fearfest March 12th – 21st 2021

"We are about grass-roots independent film-making. Celebrate the fun of bone-chilling horror and violence. Our aim is to scare the shit out of the inhabitants of that old Northern City in the UK called Bradford. Taking into consideration the horrors that 2020 has brought to us, we are online virtual...

Second Sight Films : Dawn of the Dead Blu-ray: Pre Order Available 22nd March 2021

After the huge success of its lavish Limited Edition box sets released in Autumn 2020, the dead are preparing to walk the earth once more as Second Sight announces the release of the definitive restored versions of George A Romero’s zombie classic Dawn Of The Dead in standard editions on...

‘The Terror’ critically acclaimed horror TV series gets Blu-ray, DVD & digital release on 3 May 2021

‘Essentially Heart of Darkness on ice…with rare style, intelligence and detail…riveting’Time Magazine ‘Stark, gorgeous, violent, frightening and uplifting’Newsweek ‘Dark and bleak… a lovely, nuanced performance from Harris…it will continue to haunt me for a while’ ★★★★The Guardian ‘Well worth your time… highly effective horror that does not hold back on...

Julia Ducournau’s ‘Raw’ gets a tasty Limited Edition Blu-ray Release from Second Sight on 19th April

‘Shocking but not sensationalist, this is a strong cannibal movie worth chewing over’ Kim Newman, Empire ‘This exhilarating French-Belgian debut from writer/director Julia Ducournau is a feast for ravenous cinephiles… blends Cronenbergian body horror with humour and heartbreak as it sinks its teeth deep into the sins of the flesh★★★★★...

Barbara Crampton’s folk horror SACRIFICE arrives on digital 15 March 2021

‘Mysteriously moody and chillingly atmospheric…suspense and intrigue from every inch’ The Hollywood News ‘A vivid dreamscape full of tentacled terror and cultish chaos that is well worth a watch’ Ghastly Grinning Starring Barbara Crampton (Beyond The Gates, We Are Still Here), Ludovic Hughes (Murder Maps, Ride), Sophie Stevens (The Haunted, The Black...


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