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FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST ANNOUNCE AUSTRALIAN HALLOWEEN SCREENINGS OF ROB ZOMBIE'S 3 FROM HELL! www.monsterfest.com.au | www.3fromhell.com.au FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST is pleased to announce that on October 31st they will bring Rob Zombie's 3 FROM HELL to cinemas for a series of Halloween Screenings across Australia. Due to public...

Horror House: “The schlockiest, goriest, sexiest hosted horror show to ever have been made!”

Horror House is the schlockiest, goriest, sexiest hosted horror show to ever have been made! Each episode features the best of Australian short horror movies, hosted by the crazed  Count Funghoula and the delectable Mistress Boobiyana. Keep updated on the series here: https://www.facebook.com/HorrorHouseShow/ . In the meantime check out the...

“Sometimes, you have to turn to crime. Sometimes, it turns on you…” – Nefarious Trailer released

Ash Mountain Films, the makers of 2018’s successful indie folk horror “Dogged”, are delighted to announce the release of the trailer for their new home invasion horror/thriller, “Nefarious”. Directed by Richard Rowntree and starring Toby Wynn-Davies (Dogged, Escape from Cannibal Farm), Nadia Lamin (Dogged, Hosts) and newcomer Buck Braithwaite, “Nefarious”...

  • Review: The Purge

    I will accept that I am somewhat late to the 'Purge' party having not seen any of the movies in the franchise, however, having been inspired by the ok'ish TV series on Amazon, it was time to check the other films out – starting, of course, with the first instalment....

  • Review: American Killing

    'An American Killing' does well to merge psychological thriller with traditional slasher elements in a film which makes familiar grounds feel somewhat fresh. Utilising a strong cast and attention to detail when it comes to the film’s technical features, the film punches well above its weight, especially considering its fairly...

  • The frightening HELLMINGTON starring Michael Ironside is available on digital and DVD this Tuesday from Uncork’d Entertainment

    The frightening HELLmington from writer-directors Justin Hewitt-Drakulic and Alex Lee Williams premieres on DVD and Digital this Tuesday. Genre icon Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Top Gun, Turbo Kid) and Shadowhunters’ Nicola Correia-Damude star.  In 1999, outside the sleepy town of Hellmington, troubled high school senior Katie Owens mysteriously vanished. Nine years later,...

  • Review: D-Railed

    A film of two halves as the saying goes, but more accurately the oddly hyphenated 'D-Railed' is more a film of three-thirds! In a rather jarring, yet clear cut manner the film transitions from an intriguing period murder-mystery in its opening act, to a creature movie akin to 'The Creature...

  • Review: The Nun

    Having heard nothing particularly positive about 'The Nun', a spin off film from one of the more terrifying characters from James Wan's 'Conjuring' universe, I let the cinema release pass me by. Then, an impromptu viewing of 'Insidious 2' left me wanting for more of the same. With nothing to...


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  • Enjoying something of a resurgence of late, within this Spooktacular category you will find all manner of films providing jumps and jolts from those entities who linger beyond the grave. Consider your spine well and truly tingled.
  • Monsters and mayhem! Vampires, Werewolves - anything with teeth, claws, scales or fur. If it kills, you will find it here.
  • Some of horror's most celebrated directors cut their teeth in the genre. Named after the yellow stickers on genre novels 'Giallo' movies shoot to thrill. We've also banged in other assorted thrillers into this eclectic genre collection.
  • "Rip, and cut, and mutilate the innocent! His friends, and again, and again". A category that needs no introduction to horror fans. Baby sitter? Coed? Virgin? - better stay away.
  • Something of a guilty pleasure, films found behind this suitably gore spattered button represent the limits of the horror genre - and more often than not, those of good taste to! View discretion is advised.
  • “WHEN THERE'S NO MORE ROOM IN HELL, THE DEAD WILL WALK THE EARTH" - from Romero and Fulci to modern classics, we got you covered. Better check your brain out before viewing though...