Award-winning survival thriller ‘The List’

In the ultimate battle for survival, join The List, a multi-award winning, world cinema political thriller from writer-director Michael J Hardy, in his feature debut.

Following its world premiere at Marbella International Film Festival, this brand-new Paraguayan-Argentine revenge-filled feature is set for its UK digital release on 26 February 2024, courtesy of Miracle Media.

Juan Torres (Fernando Abadie – Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation) and his wealthy but fractured family have been living in Miami, but following the fall of brutal dictator General Russo, they return to their homeland, the Republic of the Gran Chaco, in a bid to start their lives over again.

However, things aren’t that easy… the new government is quick to accuse the family of collaborating with the old regime, labelling them criminals. To their horror, a new law sees them placed on a death list.

In one lawless, deadly night, everyone on the list has 12 hours to fight for survival as they are hunted by ruthless vigilantes and must prove their innocence to earn the right to live.

Can Juan and his family survive the brutal chaos?

With echoes of The Purge, this tense and evocative feature challenges the very essence of justice and survival and deserves to be on The List of all film aficionados.

On UK digital 26 February from Miracle Media

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