Béatrice Dalle stars in ‘Inside’ the ‘brutally affecting’ French horror set for Limited & Standard Edition Blu-ray release on 5th February 2024

‘Unremittingly torturous… As beautifully stylish as it is horribly grotesque… unexpected sadness permeates the blood splatter, elevating it from exploitation romp into something more memorable and brutally affecting Not for the faint hearted; although… the strong hearted should probably approach with caution too’

BFI Online

Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set

& Standard Edition Blu-ray

Released on

5 February 2024

‘Often eyes-averting nasty… visceral thrills…evocatively matched by Dalle’s psycho cloaked in darkness like a bedtime story spectre’

Lessons of Darkness

‘One of the most creative and flat-out engrossing horror movies to hit the scene in years’

Reel Film Reviews

‘Powerfully gory, admirably unsettling, bleakly amusing, and at its best moments, the movie is deliciously suspenseful’


Dare you go Inside Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s ‘brutally affecting’ and deeply disturbing French feature?  The film is set to strike stomach-wrenching fear into audiences once more, 15 years after its original release in 2007 as Second Sight Films announce a brand-new Inside Limited Edition Blu-ray Box set release on 5 February 2024 complete with a host of fantastic new special features.

Following a car accident that leaves her husband dead, expectant mother Sarah (Alysson Paradis – The Childhood of Icarus) is left to prepare for her impending birth alone while grieving her terrible loss But when a stranger (Béatrice Dalle – Betty Blue, Night on Earth)turns up at her house on Christmas Eve, things take a terrifying, unimaginably twisted turn… as the deranged intruder will stop at nothing to take her unborn baby.

The Inside Limited Edition box set is presented in a stunning rigid slipcase with new artwork by James Neal and includes a 70-page book with new essays. The special features include: new audio commentaries by Anna Bogutskaya and Elena Lazic, brand new interviews with the writer/directors Maury and Bustillo, and many more. Please see full listing on attached. There will be a Standard Edition Blu-ray available on the same date that includes the special features.

Go deep Inside this welcome new addition to the family collection.

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