‘Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum’ Jung Bum-shik’s horror is ‘The real deal, deeply unsettling, unrelentingly scary’ on Limited Edition Blu-ray – 17 June 2024

‘The real deal. Deeply unsettling and unrelentingly scary… a film that must be seen’


Dread Central

‘Genuine scares, a fitting cast and a strong adherence to verisimilitude from Bum-sik’s direction… a haunting experience that’s bound to spook a few frights’

Eastern Kicks

‘If I wanted to define the perfect horror movie, it would have to be this one… I’ve never been more scared in my whole life’


A reality show becomes all too real in Jung Bum-shik’s Koreanfound-footage fear-fest Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum.Now you can discover what really happened at the haunted hospital as Second Sight Films brings the acclaimed horror to Limited Edition and Standard Edition Blu-ray on 17 June 2024.

The new collector’s edition is presented in a rigid slipcase with brand new artwork by Luke Headland and comes complete with a 70-page book with new essays and a fantastic haul of special features including: a new audio commentary and a slew of archive featurettes and more. Please see full list below.

An online horror show is desperate to build up its followers and what better way to do it than to send its team to film a live broadcast from a notorious haunted asylum? The presenters and crew pack up their kit and descend on the intimidating location… But, it’s not long before things take a terrifying turn and spiral into a living nightmare that’s about to be captured on camera. The film stars Wi Ha-joonLee Seung-wook and Park Ji-hyun.

Discover Gonjiam for yourself and experience the harrowing horror like never before.

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