Horror thriller ‘The Bad Shepherd’ leads the herd – on digital 22 April

Herd in the horrorasThe Bad Shepherd is set to bring sheer terror to your screen. This pulse-pounding supernatural survival thriller from director Geo Santini (After the Reign) is set for its UK debut on 22 April courtesy of Scatena & Rosner Films.

A friends’ hunting trip turns dark and deadly when they accidentally run over a woman in the wilderness and discover she’s already been shot and is holding a bag full of cash. Fuelled by guilt and paranoia, the group must decide what to do with the body – and the money. As bad decisions mount, they also realise they’re being followed; the owner of the dough is hot on their trail, determined to reclaim it by any means necessary.

For a tale of twists, turns and trouble, follow The Bad Shepherd.

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