New Psychological Thriller ‘The Vance Institute’, a Unique Take on Manipulation and Survival

Hex Media Ltd is thrilled to announce the release of its latest film, “The Vance Institute,” directed by acclaimed filmmaker Lawrie Brewster. The film boasts a talented cast that includes Hannah New, known from Starz’s Black Sails, Megan Tremethick, Courtney Warner, Gordon Holliday, David Joshua Laurence, and Tom Malloy.

“The Vance Institute,” with a screenplay by David Joshua Laurence and Tom Malloy, unveils a harrowing narrative where attendees of an apparent spiritual retreat find themselves the victims of the cold-hearted mastermind, Tobin Vance. His serene exterior belies a ruthless and disconcerting ideology that coerces his unsuspecting patients to undergo horrifying, life-threatening trials.

Trapped in the complex web crafted by Vance, the characters appear to have no apparent way out. The unique and gritty black-and-white aesthetic of ‘The Vance Institute’ sets it apart in the genre.

Director Lawrie Brewster shares, “In ‘The Vance Institute,’ I aimed to explore the complex psychological themes of manipulation and the pivotal roles that environment and violence play in shaping our minds. Particularly, Tom Malloy’s vivid depiction of gaslighting and psychological abuse through his masterful performance stands out. The black-and-white environment and sets, echoing a mix of Bauhaus and Soviet aesthetics, pay tribute to the very real conditions people endure.”

“The Vance Institute” serves as the UK version of “Trauma Therapy: Psychosis,” and notable differences exist between the two films. Lawrie Brewster explains, “Following creative differences leading to a re-edit of the film without my consent, two distinct versions of the film have emerged. The UK version does not include a short segment featuring the late Tom Sizemore, which was included in what I felt was an exploitative manner in the re-edited version. Therefore, I distanced myself from the US/International version, ‘Trauma Therapy: Psychosis,’ which credits my pseudonym, ‘Gary Barth,’ as the director.”

“The Vance Institute,” distributed by Hex Media Ltd, is now available for purchase online at their store and will soon be released on Amazon Video On Demand.

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