Review: Elves

Continuing the themes of festive frighteners killer Elves join the roster of Christmas killer critters, well at least possessed human versions of such.

The plot of Elves follows a group of friends who end up in an odd and ill-fated game which involves the bane of children everywhere – the Naughty list. In a somewhat convoluted set of horror game rules the group must write down a confession and wait until they will get a visit from a stuffed elf with a post-it detailing a macabre naughty act they must perform. Ironically, successful completion of the task sees them struck off the list, and their lives spared.

And so, my horror friends, you know how the formula goes, one by one the characters get dispatched as the Elves don’t seem to play it fair regardless of whether their twisted game is played or not.

I felt, whilst the film as a whole left a lot to be desired, the plot at least had potential. My enthusiasm sadly did not last.

This film is every bit as poor as the score adjacent to this review indicates. Both the technical elements – poor scripting, slow paced scenes, terrible CGI effects throughout and its horror content, which was both goofy and slapstick made this film something of a chore to finish.

It lacked… everything. It wasn’t even amusing which usually goes someway in saving even the middling festive horror.

If I was to say something positive it would be there, we a spattering of interesting kill sequences here and there, but yeah, I can’t recommend you spend either your time or money this zero-budget affair.

Overall, and I really don’t like posting such poor reviews, but honestly, this is an idea which would have been better left in the planning phase.

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