Severin Films Brings ‘Bad Biology’ To Special Edition 4K UHD & Blu-ray on 26 Feb

‘Sleazy, trashy, putrid, weird, funny, and uncomfortably vulgar… a very fine film worthy of its eager audience. Welcome back, kind sir – you were sorely missed…’

Bloody Good Horror

‘Vulgar, vivid and downright hilarious… more out-of-control than anything

Frank Henenlotter has done’

Film Threat 

After a 17-year break in filmmaking, splatter maestro Frank Henenlotter – writer/director of FrankenhookerBrain Damage and The Basket Case Trilogy – returned with the most graphic, transgressive and jaw-droppingly depraved black comedy shocker of his career… Bad Biology.  Now this wickedly warped feature gets a re-birth from Severin Films in a Special Edition Box set, that includes the film in its newly restored version, scanned in 4K from the camera negative.

This dual 4K UHD and Blu-ray release comes complete with a slew of brand-new special features and gets its UK bow on 26 February 2024, and will also be released on standard edition Blu-ray.

Jennifer, played by singer Charlee Danielson, is a homicidal nymphomaniac who spontaneously births mutant babies, while in another part of town Batz (Anthony Sneed – Chasing Banksy), has a monstrous penis, with a mind of its own, to contend with In a city ruled by pleasure and pain, will the two made-for-each-other freaks deliver the ultimate orgasmic horror?

Eleonore Hendricks (Daddy Longlegs), radio host Rude Jude and director James Glickenhaus (The Exterminator) co-star in ‘one very entertaining seriously batshit film’ (JoBlo), produced and co-written by underground hip-hop hero R.A. The Rugged Man Thorburn, with insane special effects by Gabe Bartalos (Skinned Deep).

Frank Henenlotter’s ball-busting freak fest should-be seen to be believed, so grab a copy for a shocking lesson in Bad Biology.


Disc 1: 4K UHD

  • Commentary With Director Frank Henenlotter, director of photography Nick Deeg and actor Anthony Sneed
  • Archival commentary with Frank Henenlotter and producer R.A. The Rugged Man Thorburn

Disc 2: Blu-ray

  • Commentary with Frank Henenlotter, Nick Deeg and Anthony Sneed
  • Archival commentary with Frank Henenlotter and producer R.A. The Rugged Man Thorburn
  • Spook House – Interviews with Frank Henenlotter and R.A. The Rugged Man Thorburn, production coordinator Michael Shershenovich, Nick Deeg, retired detective David Henenlotter and production manager Chaz Kangas
  • In The Basement With Charlee Danielson – A brief, completely off-kilter interview with the elusive Miss Charlee Danielson and a Basketball
  • Deeg and Sneed – A Conversation between Nick Deeg and Anthony Sneed
  • Swollen Agenda – Interview with make-up effects artist Gabe Bartalos
  • Beyond Bad – Behind the Scenes of Bad Biology
  • F*ck Face – Photographer Clay Patrick McBride runs around the director’s apartment filming guys making their ‘O Face’
  • SUCK – A wonderfully twisted short film by Anthony Sneed
  • Legendary Loser – Music Video by R.A. The Rugged Man
  • Thorburn Image Gallery – publicity pics, behind-the-scenes shots, video covers and death pix
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