Andy Edwards’ ‘Punch’ the acclaimed brutal British seaside slasher comes to digital 22 Jan

‘A great British slasher movie’
Movie Reviews 101

‘A saucy seaside postcard of a Little Britain that is thuggish, vicious and hateful beneath the smiling mask’
Projected Figures

‘Mr. Punch quickly emerges as one of the slasher greats, beating and bludgeoning his way to the top’
Starburst Magazine

‘The spirit of the English seaside is alive in all its wild, mendacious, ancient glory, the madness of Albion which invites nostalgia and sometimes love and always terror, for those who have seen beyond the mask’
Eye For Film

Andy Edwards’ seaside slasher packs a Punch as the petrifying puppet is brought to life to terrorise the tourists and the locals of Hastings in this wickedly wacky new feature that’s been dubbed ‘one of the best slasher flicks to come along since Terrifier’ by GBV Reviews. Following its FrightFest premiere this year, the brutally bloody British horror gets its digital release on 22 January courtesy of Miracle Media.

There’s no clowning around as Mr Punch stalks the seaside town – merrily battering with his baton to the sound of his maniacal laughter, causing death and devastation in his wake.

Pulling no punches with its gruesomely graphic violence, this end-of-the-pier slasher will fill you with fear: That’s the way to do it.

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