On the day Disney’s Mickey Mouse hits public domain Jamie Bailey releases the trailer his horror comedy thriller MICKEY’S MOUSE TRAP.

Synopsis: It’s Alex’s 21st Birthday, but she’s stuck at the amusement arcade on a late shift so her friends decide to surprise her, but a masked killer dressed as Mickey Mouse decides to play a game of his own with them which she must survive.
The film’s Director Jamie Bailey states “We just wanted to have fun with it all.I mean it’s  Steamboat Willie’s Mickey Mouse murdering people. It’s ridiculous. We ran with it and had fun doing it and I think it shows” 
The film stars Sophie McIntosh, Callum Sywyk, Allegra Nocita, Ben Harris, Damir Kovic, Mackenzie Mills, Nick Biskupek and Simon Phillips. Music scored by Darren Morze. It was produced by Paul Whitney, Mark Popejoy, Alexander Gausman and Andrew Agopsowicz and the Co Producer is Filmcore’s Mem Ferda.The film itself is still awaiting a confirmed release date – but is expected in March 2024. 

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