FRONTIER(S) from Xavier Gens’ the ‘gore-soaked horror… abattoir exploitation’ gets Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set and Standard Blu-ray – 24 July 2023

‘Wields such power by illustrating how the boundaries of the body are horrifically violated by politics and ideology’


Father Son Holy Gore

‘Xavier Gens debut is a bludgeoning, bloody trawl through the tropes of survival horror, with a strong political subtext’

Anton Bitel

‘The real surprise of Frontier(s) is that this creepy, bloody contemporary gross-out also has some ideas, visual and otherwise, wedged among its sanguineous drips’

The New York Times

‘Despite all its primal brutality, Frontier(s) is a deep, intelligent and very political movie’


Dare you cross Frontier(s)? The shockingly violent and darkly disturbing horror from Xavier Gens (Hitman, Gangs of London) in his 2007 directorial debut, is set for a brand-new Limited Edition Blu-ray Box set release alongside a Standard Edition version from experts in the field Second Sight Films on 24 July 2023.

Shocking and thrilling audiences and offending (some) critics on its original release, French helmer Gens’ blood-fueled, brutal feature is set for a stunning new Limited Edition outing. The box set is presented in a rigid slipcase with new artwork by James Neal and a 70 page book featuring new essays and comes complete with a bucket load of special features. These will be available on both versions and include: an audio commentary with Zoë Rose Smith and Kelly Gredner, new interviews with cast and crew, the ‘Making of’, a short film and more! Please see full list below.

It’s a time of severe political unrest in Paris, an extreme right-wing party has come to power and violent protests soon turn  into full scale riots.  As the streets burn, a group of young reprobates use the chaos to their advantage, robbing anything and everything they can. But as they get in too deep, tragedy strikes and with the police on their tail, they’re forced to split up and flee the city.

Their situation goes from bad to worse as they end up holed up in a remote countryside guesthouse, where they come face to face with a strange clan, the Von Geislers –  a ruthlessly and violently oppressive father, his fiercely sexual daughters, and brutish sons – who soon reveal themselves as neo-Nazis. The debauched family’s fantasy of starting a new Aryan race could soon be realised as Yasmine (Karina Testa, Budapest), could be the key to the fresh bloodline they’ve been waiting for. Can she and her friends survive the human abattoir, or will she become ‘one of the family’?

Enter the depraved and debauched Frontier(s) for a twisted, stomach-churning, thrilling horror experience.

Special Features 

  • Audio Commentary with Zoë Rose Smith and Kelly Gredner
  • Reinventing the Extreme: a new interview with director Xavier Gens
  • Going Method: a new interview with actor Karina Testa
  • A Light in the Dark: a new interview with actor Maud Forget
  • Lights, Camera… Fear: a new interview with cinematographer Laurent Barès
  • Sounds of Violence: a new interview with composer Jean-Piere Taïeb
  • The Making of Frontier(s)
  • Fotografik Short Film
  • Xavier Gens Highschool Trailers
  • Frontier(s) Trailers
  • Storyboard Comparisons
  • Behind-the-Scenes Photos with commentary by Xavier Gens and Karina Testa
  • Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Xavier Gens and Karina Testa

Limited Edition Contents

  • Rigid slipcase with new artwork by James Neal
  • 70 page book with new essays by ​​Dr Sarah Cleary, Mark H Harris, Carolyn Mauricette and Alexandra West
  • Six collectors’ art cards
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