On VOD June 27: Small Town Monsters Doc THE DOGMAN TRIANGLE Uncovers the History of Werewolves in Texas

For centuries tales have been told around the world about strange, upright-walking wolves. While these stories are typically thought to be little more than legend or folklore, they live on, and in recent years the terrifying reality behind them is coming to light. In the state of Texas alone, dozens of reports of encounters with Werewolves have been brought to light. These reports were the focus of a recent book by author, Aaron Deese, who not only found a preponderance of such accounts, but also a strange pattern to them; a pattern that fit inside a seven hundred plus square mile area he calls the Texas Dogman Triangle. The Dogman Triangle trails Deese, along with independent researcher and author, Shannon LeGro as they map out the triangle. Speaking with witnesses, and experts, LeGro and Deese journey deep into a uniquely American phenomenon that has roots in our ancient past. 

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