“Your Flesh, Your Curse” has finally hit home release in Europe…


“Your Flesh, Your Curse” has finally hit home release in Europe, and in that connection a sneak-peak of the film has been released.

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart!

Written and directed by Kasper Juhl while produced by Kasper Juhl and Anders Norddal Jendresen. Starring Marie-Louise Damgaard as Juliet White along with Bill Hutchens, Kim Sønderholm, Mie Gren, Frederik Carlsen, Paw Terndrup, Rose Milling and many more – “YOUR FLESH, YOUR CURSE” is now available courtesy of TetroVideo in a special two-disc deluxe package with English, Italian, French and Danish subtitles.
After being brutally murdered, the troubled girl Juliet White ends up in a limbo, where a spiritual guide forces her soul to re-live repressed memories. A beautiful, yet highly disturbing, tale of madness, violence, sex, torture, life and death.

Order your copy today at https://www.tetrovideo.com/shop/your-flesh-your-curse-two-disc-dvd-deluxe-collectors-edition/

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